Choosing Almond Butter over Peanut Butter

benefits of coconut, peanut and almond butterMany people, both kids and adults, are simply in love with peanut butter. Kids will always want to have their peanut butter jelly sandwich for school, while adults will even use a tablespoon to have it right from. As an adult I am as well fascinated by the taste of this butter which sometimes seems almost addictive although you think that you have had enough.

It has happened for me more than once to have a tablespoon of this butter and sense that it is definitely enough for in the next second I finish swallowing it to want more of it. I always pitied those persons (kids and adults alike) who were allergic to this product (in fact they are allergic to peanuts) and always wondered why this was happening to them. What exactly in this bean triggers the allergic reactions?

Well, I don’t have a scientific explanation for this fact, but I suppose that it lies in the fact that peanuts are grown in climates where humidity prevails and this may have something to do with the allergens based on molds and other agents that affect the respiratory system.

But, as I have found lately, peanut butter is not only bad for allergic people but also for all those who choose it over, say, almond or Valencia peanut butter. Lets’ take a closer look at the things that make this butter a bad choice:

* It has been found that peanuts are grown in synthetic conditions, meaning that herbicides and pesticides are used to help them grow faster and away from pests’ attack.

* Anyone suffering from canadida or yeast issues should avoid consumption of peanut butter. Also those persons suffering from kidney stones and who are sensitive to oxalate must avoid this butter and these beans as well.

* Oxalates that are included in peanuts while consumed in large amounts may prevent the body from absorbing the calcium as it is needed.

* As mentioned above, peanuts are cultivated in climates with higher humidity and for this reason they can be prone to contacting fungus that produces aflatoxins. What is this? This is a substance that counts among the most carcinogenic agents widely known. It leads to various severe health issues among which mental retardation and low intelligence levels.

All these can put you into some thinking, right? So, next time when you are out there shopping for your groceries and want to buy peanut butter, at least opt for an organic product that is made from Valencia peanuts. These ones are sweeter in taste and grow in more arid climates avoiding the contact with mold and aflatoxins. You might as well opt for coconut oil with its numerous benefits, almond or cashew butter and always refrigerate the butter once you have opened the jar.